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    Scuola Musicale di Milano (SMM) was founded in October 1891 on initiative of some Milanese citizens that desired to provide education for their children. The SMM is the oldest private music school in Italy and even if it cannot rely on any type of public funding it still preserves its place in the teaching field, besides the city’s greatest musical institutions.

    Talking about the SMM means going back over a century of musical culture in Milan; the greatest names of the twentieth century’s music in Milan have performed here: Paolo Delachi, Mario Tarenghi, Virgilio Ranzato, Carlo Pedron, Gianbattista Nappi, Fausto Torrefranca, Giulio Cesare Sonzogno, Carlo Vidusso, Federico Mompellio, Giampiero Tintori, Miguel Ablonitz, Giorgio Gaslini, Ruggero Chiesa, Alberto Soresina and Angelo Corradini.

    At the beginning there were enrolled 43 students; today the number has increased up to more than 400 students from over 40 countries and the SMM boasts the collaboration of more than fifty professionals, including internationally renowned soloists, chamber musicians and orchestra members of the Teatro alla Scala of Milan, educators, scholars and musicologists. Over the years the SMM has been the School of many students who have then become music experts. In more than one hundred years of activity the SMM has constantly adapted to the changes and the needs of the society, it should be called a “customized school”. The SMM gives the foreign students from all over the world a certificate of attendance valid to get a residence permit for study purposes.

    The Educational Policy Plan:

    Scuola Musicale di Milano from 2018 has started a cooperation with Conservatorio di Milano regarding Pre Academic Courses.

    At the beginning the aim of the SMM was to promote the music education to young people, but then its offer has extended:

    – to the improvement of the artistic talent at any level and age in a national and international wide-ranging overview.

    – to the promotion of socialization moments by “making music”

    – to the diffusion of Opera and instrumental music literature, by organizing events and concerts.

    These goals are pursued through defined paths of high quality profile, with particular effort:

    – to support and increase the students satisfaction, interpreting with great attention and deep motivation their needs, expectations and dreams.

    – to adapt to the changes and needs of the society and music in order to constantly improve the offer.

    The active involvement of all those people that cooperate with the SMM is very important, as the affirmation of values and professionalisms of the School is not only the result of an individual effort, but of the whole organization, where the contribution of everyone is essential.

    Organization chart

    Art Director: Laura Peco
    Teaching Consultant: Antonio Polignano
    Secretary: Paola Nigris