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  • CML – Children’s Music Laboratory (SUZUKI)

    Movement, expressiveness of the body, rhythm and sounds are forms of communication and language often deeper and more straightforward than words themselves.

    By way of listening to music with a parent, children receive essential messages for their growth, practising talent in the development of their personality and character.
    The lesson of 60 minutes will be divided into different “moments” which aim at
    – the knowledge of pieces of music which are going to be part of the instrumental repertoire;
    – the use of space and motor activities related to music;
    – the internalization of phrasing, tempo, dynamics and agogics;
    – the development of motility implemented on specific instruments (woodwinds, castanets, bows, little balls and rings, etc.);
    – the development of intonation, vocalism and expressivity;
    – the strengthening of visual, auditory, rhythmic and melodic memory as well as that of movement, etc.;
    – doing music with others and make use of the new teachings acquired.
    The Children Music Laboratory (CML) class will be made up of maximum 10 children and 10 parents who are going to follow them in this fantastic adventure.