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    The violin course is particularly aimed at pre-school children and employs the Suzuki didactic method in its learning strategy. This method is based on the assumption that talent is not inborn but it is something attainable. Like the acquisition of the mother-tongue language, music education can be effectively carried out in the family environment through on-going stimuli that only parents can give their children. From this perspective, the teacher explains to the parents (and to the child) the game to be played at home. Then it is up to the parent to be the teacher of their own children, taking them to gradual mastery of the technical and musical details of the instrument by means of little exercises and games previously learnt during the lesson. The learning process is entirely consigned to memory until the age of schooling. During the first lessons, all the necessary materials will be provided for the lessons, which consist of pieces of music for listening, information cards to assist the parents and text books. The musical instruments may either be purchased at reasonable prices or can be hired from professionals, about whom we could advise you, should it be necessary. The lessons will be 30 or 60 minutes long according to the age and the level of the children. Moreover, there is the programmed possibility of group lessons of 60 minutes in accordance with the compatibility of the parents’ obligations.